Photovoltaic systems

Reliably and pollution free

Richtfunkstation (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)PHOTOVOLTAIC is a fascinating technology: Solar cells convert light into electric energy. Photovoltaic brings independence from conventional forms of electricity production in an environment friendly way.

The complete photovoltaic system consists of: Solar module, storage, control-electronics and a suitable electrical consumer for solar operations. It is mostly maintenance-free and operates also under the hardest climatic conditions -always reliably.

Station mit unabhängiger Zusatzstromversorgung (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)

In the picture on the right you see a radio relay link station on a mountain top. With the solar cells and a storage battery the emergency power supply of this relay station is secured.

The sun donates energy which is free of charge

In this realy-station solar cells create an emergency power supply in addition to the main supply.

Solaranlagenmontage (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)


Ing. Witke is also involved in research

On the roof of the Witke company building there is our own photovoltaic experimental structure, with an output of 2kWp (peak-value at optimum conditions) network-bound power.

The picture shows our specialists installing a 20 square meter solar cell array.

Modern telecommunications networks are frequently dependent on system locations in remote, inaccessible areas. There the power supply prepares substantial problems.

Based on wide experience with already executed projects engineer Witke offers consultation, planning, assembly, maintenance and service of photovoltaic systems in telecommunications and network-coupled systems.

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