Mechanics- and steel constructions

In our 150 square meters large workshop we are planning and building: antenna towers, antenna arms, and also all other needed tools.

Ing. Witke can also offer the planning and construction of your desired small series and special orders.

Our machinery covers:

  • Tool milling cutter
  • turning lathe
  • 100 tons press
  • punching and cutting press
  • gas supported welding machine
  • various saws and drilling machines

(Fine-) mechanics

With our machines we are able to produce highly precise precision mechanics constructions.

Satellite position measuringMessantennenhalterung (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)

In the picture you can see a mounting plate (universal joint) for a horn antenna. The mounting plate is freely mobile in three dimensions and its position can be fixed. The movement axles are running in ball bearings and are waterproof. Three pieces of this mounting plate were manufactured and installed in satellite link radio stations in Aflenz (Austria), France and Russia. With our mounting plate standardized measuring antennas can be aligned and fixed accurately to the positions of the satellites of the Eutelsat group.

The measurement principle:

The horn antennas have an exactly well-known antenna gain. By comparison of the received levels from the three countries a deviation of the geostationary positions of the satellites can be calculated and corrected if necessary.

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