Fiber optics - planning & installation

"Fibre in the Loop" Konzept von UPC-TelekabelOur fiber runs twice around the earth

Our complete cable length brought in until today comes to approx. 1200km. Which corresponds to a fiber length of approx. 80.000 km. Mainly in the urban areas of Vienna, but also cross-country (Lower Austria) approx. 100km through the Viennese forests.

Europe most modern glass fiber network of UPC Telekabel consists of two bi-directional rings. If a cable interruption occurs, the two redundant rings will be united and will act as one to keep up further operation. At 5 different places the two backbone rings are connected to outer distribution-rings.

Kopfstelle (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)Most modern splice technique

Based on many years of experience with already executed projects Ing. Witke Ltd. offers a perfectly trained team with practical experience for many years for all request in the field of the fiber optics. Our technicians already manufactured over 45.000 checked fusion splices - each with minimum absorption.

In the picture on the left a particularly trained employee of engineer Witke is operating on the installation of a 19 inch patchfield in a UPC Telekabel backbone glass fiber station. 384 glass fibers are attached here.

The equipment:
  1. Two fully air-conditioned, dust free splice trucks with emergency power supply. The vehicles enable work at all climatic conditions and have optimal lighting conditions inside.
  2. Two fully automatic glass fiber splice units
  3. An OTDR status measuring instrument
  4. Three portable OTDR measuring instrument of types  CMA4500,  FTB300 and  Fot-910
  5. Wattmeter: All devices capable for all types of fiber and wavelengths.

Spleissbox (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)Spleissbox (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)19 inch splice cassette:

In headend stations these module cassettes are used to connect glass fiber strands.

In the box which is shown on the left side 24 veins (diagonal cross section contact) can be stuck on SC/APC clutches.


Engineer Witke's contented customers:

  • Mobilkom (ground communication station Aflenz, radio link system, fiber optic cable)
  • Austrian federal theatres
  • UPC Telekabel complaint ford: entire LWL network, injecting, splices, measuring
  • UPC Telekabel Graz: Splices, fairs
  • UPC Telekabel Vienna: entire glass fiber network, injecting, splicing, measuring
  • UPC Telekabel Wr. new city and environment: entire LWL network, injecting, splices, measuring
  • Cable signal - Lower Austria: partial glass fiber injecting and splice work
  • Salzburg AG
  • Uniqa insurance
  • Firme Honl (OMV Schwechat, OMV Lobau)
  • Syscom ( Raiffeisen data center, T-Mobile, ministry of finance)
  • Wellcom (Oberwart, Oberpullendorf, Eisenstadt surrounding)
  • Memorex (Wr. Neustadt, Vienna surrounding, ORF)
  • Hotel chain (Hotel Hitlon, Hotel Sacher, Hotel Loipersdorf)
  • Telecom Austria in entire Austira
  • ... and MANY MORE
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