Gleichwellenfunk am Semmering (zur Vergrößerung in Bild klicken)No matter whether you need terrestrial single -, large- or community- antennas: Witke Ltd. is the expert for all antennas! Even the production of high masts does not cause a problem for our steel construction workshop. For the fastidious high frequency sections of the systems we use components of Hirschmann Rheinmetall AG, Phasor Electronics and Kathrein Antennen.

Radio communication systems

We installed the radio communication system for "Lower Austria's Federal State Government" on top of the Semmering mountain. For the communication between the field service vehicles and their responsible authorities.

In the picture on the right our technical experts are installing the antennas on the especially constructed steel-mast.

Richtfunkzubringer Wienerberg (zur Vergrößerung in Bild klicken)GSM radio relay link feeder

Installation of radio communication systems for the supply of the 1800MHz GSM network of Connect Austria (ONE).

The shown antenna is a radio relay link feeder for BTS antennas and is located on top of the "Wienerberger Tower". The BTS antennas supply the mobile telephones.

Sendeanlage Hengstberg (zur Vergrößerung auf das Bild klicken)

Transmitting plant Hengstberg

21 antennas and 1200 meters of coaxial cables (diameter of 12-30mm) have been installed by our technicians. On behalf of the Mobilkom Austria, Lower Austria's federal police and the fire-service.

Sendeanlage Hengstberg (zur Vergrößerung auf das Bild klicken)
 Radie Energie 104,2 MHz  (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken)

 Radio stations

Witke Ltd. was ordered by the radio station Radio ENERGY (104,2 MHz) to install 4 circular-, cross-polarized dipole antennas.

On top of the radio tower of Vienna's telecommunication central building "Fernmeldetechnischen Zentralgebäudes, FZG 3.Bezirk" Witke Ltd. installed the transmitting antennas on the mast. The general height comes to 154 meters. With a total transmitting power of 800W the whole area of Vienna is supplied with the program of "Radio Energy".

Radio Energie (zur Vergrößerung in das Bild klicken) 

Our reference costumers:

  • Vienna International Airport and Austrian Airlines
  • Mobilkom Austria
  • Lower Austria federal state government
  • Austrian federal theatres
  • ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Philips - Austria / Hungary
  • Post and Telekom Austria
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Uniqa
  • APA
  • UPC-Telekabel Graz
  • UPC-Telekabel Klagenfurt
  • UPC-Telekabel Wien
  • Wiener Messen
  • Many international hotels: Imperial, Hilton, Hilton Plaza, Intercontinental
  • 1000'ts content customers

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